Understanding the Pros and Cons of epoxy resin floors

Finding a sturdyfloorcore that stands the test if time, fighting chemical, spills and stain resistant is almost impossible as all types such as resin flooring have unique advantages.  All the same an excellent choice that fits epoxy floor seem to have fewer disadvantages and more benefits.

If we examine the pros and cons of using epoxy resin floor material area good idea if you are to consider installing your home or work.

Why choose epoxy resin floor?


If we company the epoxy resin floor to the average garage floor, they are bright and professional. The appearance makes them very enticing to use. They are smooth and have an even surface is also easy to sweep and maintain.

Not many batons to this type of flooring, and cleaning up a mess a very easy.


Epoxy resin floor compared to other types of flooring, per square foot cost are tough to beat. The flooring can be installed unswervingly over concrete and other flooring types, their installation cost is considerably lower than the others.

The price remains one of the biggest and most immediate advantages you will epoxy flooring.

Epoxy resin floor is resistance:

The flooring are highly resistant to almost everything- you do not have to worry about oil, gasoline, bleach, or even transmission fluid, as well as cleaners.  Their high resistance allows the material to be used in garages and within the automotive industry.

The epoxy floor coating is a good heat and water-resistant and very invulnerable to most chemical spills with no negativethings on the coating.

Another reason why you should choose the flooring they are resistant to bacteria and germs, thus easy to sanitise.  They are an excellent choice for hospital and clinics.


They’re valued for their strength, having a longer lifespan than many other floor types.  The only material compared to epoxy resin floor is concrete, although it needs to be properly sealed and maintained.

Epoxy resin floor needs concrete coating beneath it.

More pros of investing epoxy resin floor:

  • Protective- the floor protects the underlying concrete for moisture, stains and grease as well as cracks.
  • Longevity- the coating last longer than many types of flooring only if installed properly.
  • Variety- epoxy resin floor has been a great choice to bedeck your floors as well.
  • Safety- the floor if installed on a garage floor it enhances visibility inside the garage thus reflecting light off the floor.

Cons of epoxy resin floor:

One of the main disadvantages of using epoxy resin floor it is a temporary flooring solution.  The material is durable and resistant. Eventually, you will have to replace it.

The floors are comparatively skid resistant although not universal.  You will need extensive preparation that goes into getting the concrete ready, and you will have to put up with the strong fumes.

They are considered sensitive to if not installed according to directions.

To conclude:

There several pros as well as cons using epoxy resin floor, thus you should recommend consulting a professional contractor to undertake an analysis of your floor before making the installation.

Check out this link for more tips and ideas: https://fr.pinterest.com/explore/epoxy-resin-flooring/


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