How to Epoxy-Coat a Garage Floor

Most people usually have a desire of installing epoxy coating on their garage floors but lack the basics of starting it. This is something very easy despite the fact you are required to have knowledge on how it is installed. Today most people like putting an epoxy coating on their garage floors because it is believed to have the most durable and toughest finishes. The epoxy coats have several advantages and among them include protecting the floor of your garage from damage, transformation of your ugly or boring cement by making it to have a professional floor both in beauty and also in function. A garage floor coating is therefore very important in protecting the floors of our garages.

Today most people own cars and would like these cars to be parked in places that are safe and clean and …

Garage Floor Painting Tips
Garage Floor Painting

The simple act of painting your garage floor can make a rundown or dingy space feel bright, clean and welcoming again. Garage floor paint is relatively cheap and easy to apply, as long as you follow a few basic guidelines. Here are the best garage floor painting tips.

Prepare Your Surface

The finish you achieve will depend almost entirely on the time and effort you spent preparing your surface. First of all, you will need to check if your surface has had any other coatings applied previously. Not all garage floor painting products are compatible, for instance, latex paint and epoxy products do not work well together.

Next, check for any stains. Lubricants, Oil spills, and grease are all common problems in a garage and must be removed with a purpose made solvent cleaner before any paint is applied. Also, …

Garage Floor Paint: Is It Worth The Investment?
Garage Floor Paint

Protecting garage floors are often overlooked when it comes time to remodel your property. In fact, for most people, their garage puts up with a plenty of wear and tear over the years. This is especially true if you live in colder climate regions where the elements in the air can stick to your garage floor from parking your vehicle on it. Ideas for garage floor like floor mats, garage floor paint, and even floor tiles are great ideas that should help add appeal to your garage and make it more durable.

Some of the better garage flooring products on the market today include epoxy resin-based solutions such as from Original Color Chips and Armor Proxy. These vendors both supply products that are highly resistant to most oils and chemicals that could otherwise damage your garage floor. The best part …

Garage Floor Paint For Beginners
Garage Floor Paint For Beginners

If you’re a homeowner, and you want to make your garage more useful, then make sure you read this article in its entirety to learn more about garage floor paint to improve the overall value of your home. Most people use their garages for parking cars and possibly for storage.

They often neglect this addition to the house and allow oil stains to ruin the look of the floor. This is where garage floor paint products can help boost the appeal and durability of your garage. You will have to do some work to make sure you have a clean surface to work with before applying floor paint to your full details here!

The spots, stains and scratches can be removed in a few easy steps. By applying the garage floor paint, you can convert the garage into …

Which Concrete Floor Coatings Are Right For Your Facility?
Concrete Floor Coatings

From liquid damp proof membrane to epoxy, everyone is searching for the right floor coatings. It can be quite a nightmare for most because the options vary considerably and you can’t always know the correct way to turn. However, concrete floor coatings are very important because if you don’t make the right choice you could end up making a big mistake and that could cost you dearly. So, which floor coating is right for you and how can you decide on the right one?

Epoxy Floor Paint

For many, they need the strongest concrete floor coating possible and one of the top options has to be epoxy. Epoxy floor paint is really good and it should be something you seriously consider because it does offer you the best chance to get a perfect finish. There are of course a few …

What Types Of Garage Floor Coating Are Available?
Types Of Garage Floor Coating

Buying a garage floor painting kit is actually a simple task – once you know the right choice that is – and it will be an important decision also. Anyone can easily finish a garage floor however; you can’t just use anything because it doesn’t work like that. A garage floor coated correctly otherwise there is going to be big trouble ahead. However, many struggles to choose the correct floor coating so what types of coating is available and which should you choose?

Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy has become a very popular option ever since it was first created simply because it allows for additional strength for garage floors. There aren’t many things which can beat or rival epoxy and it remains a very strong floor coating option too for garages across the world. This will remain a popular choice …

Garage Floor Coating – A Sure Way to a Gorgeous Garage
Gorgeous Garage

Most people seem to think floor coatings aren’t all that important when it comes to their garage, however, they are sorely wrong. A garage floor needs to look its best, even if it’s not a heavily trafficked area. This is the one area of the building which needs to remain strong and when you are applying a floor coating, it needs to be at its best. However, many don’t believe they need floor coating, so do you and if so, why?

Makes Concrete Stronger and Durable

When you use something such as industrial floor paint it makes a wonderful coating. Now, you may not believe it but using a floor coating can allow the concrete underneath to become strong, a lot stronger than before. Of course, you don’t always think about this when fixing the garage however it is really …

3 Steps to Be Considered Before Planning For Garage Floor Coating
Planning For Garage Floor Coating

Garage floor coating is an important finishing step for any facility today. The floor coating must not only be completed perfectly but must also be handled correctly also. However, there are many who fail in their attempt to get the perfect finishing to their garage floor and ends up costing them dearly. Good planning and preparation is important when you want to finish the garage floor nicely but there are many things which you need to consider. Here are the 3 steps you should consider before planning your final floor coating.

Even Flooring and Surfaces

When you are going to apply epoxy floor paint you need to ensure the area is suitable for the work. This means the floor should have proper drainage and be even. If the floors are not eve it will be a lot harder to work …

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