How to Install an Epoxy Garage Floor

While you probably never thought you’d have to consider a liquid damp proof membrane for your garage floor, it’s actually a necessity. Garages take a hard hit at the best of times. They are the place to store your vehicle in, as well as doubling up as a tool shed, and sometimes even a playground for children and adults. Then, you have to worry about oil spills, scratches, and everything else; sometimes, the floor can quickly lose its appeal. Epoxy is a solution you may want to consider and it’s a lot easier to install than you think. So, how can you install epoxy floors?

Clean and Prime 

Before the epoxy floor paint is installed, you have to clean and prime the area. So, first things first, remove everything from the garage. While this part is a pain and may be very difficult to do, it’s essential. So, once everything is removed from the garage, it’s time to go ahead and clean the floor up. If there are no oil spills to worry about you should be able to use hot soapy water to clean the floor. If there are oil spills, you may want to use a degreaser to remove the stain before washing the floor. Once the floor has time to dry, you’ll then be ready to add the primer to the floor. Check here!

Apply In Sections

While you’re tempting to just slap the paint down, it’s not the best way to get an effective result. Ideally, you need to apply the paint carefully so that it’s even and works into the entire garage floor. You may find it easier to apply the paint in sections so that you’re able to evenly apply it throughout. While the liquid damp proof membrane isn’t needed for the moment, you have to be careful how you apply the paint. Remember to have the necessary tools to complete the job; this means having several paint rollers to make it easier to apply evenly.

Give Ample Time to Dry

Once the epoxy floor paint has been applied, it’s now time to step away and leave it to dry. However, it can take a few hours so you may want to ensure no-one walks on the floor for at least 24-hours. If you want to add a second coat, you can but it shouldn’t be necessary at this point. In some cases, it might be necessary to avoid parking your car into the garage for several days. This can depend on the paint used and the number of coats the flooring has had.

Keep Your Garage Looking Good

Very few homeowners think about taking care of their garage floor until they spot a few issues with it and by then it’s too late. Fortunately, if you apply epoxy floor paint you might be able to save your garage. Installing the epoxy floor takes very little time and once the paint is dry, you won’t have to worry about it for years. Of course, proper maintenance is essential to prevent any issues from arising. Epoxy floor paint can be a useful tool to protect your garage floor and keep it in top condition for longer. For more details, visit:

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