How to Epoxy-Coat a Garage Floor

Most people usually have a desire of installing epoxy coating on their garage floors but lack the basics of starting it. This is something very easy despite the fact you are required to have knowledge on how it is installed. Today most people like putting an epoxy coating on their garage floors because it is believed to have the most durable and toughest finishes. The epoxy coats have several advantages and among them include protecting the floor of your garage from damage, transformation of your ugly or boring cement by making it to have a professional floor both in beauty and also in function. A garage floor coating is therefore very important in protecting the floors of our garages.

Today most people own cars and would like these cars to be parked in places that are safe and clean and therefore the need for epoxy coating of garage floors. Garage flooring has become a very important service and this has led to increased number of companies offering these services.  What matters most is not the increased number of shops or companies offering the epoxy coat services but the quality of services that you will get, from who and the price of the service.  Make your showroom look great today by using the epoxy coating. Most people think that this type of coating is expensive but in the really sense it is not expensive. There is a procedure that you need to follow so that you can make your epoxy-coat effective for your garage floor. Some of these procedures are:

Floor preparation

The preparation of floor is a very important stage especially before installing epoxy coat on your garage door. Determine whether the floor of that garage has a coating or not, look if there are traces of grease stains or oil, Look for the rubber residue that is found on the tire scuffing and also test those areas that are random to see if there are any undetected sealers.

Floor etching

How should the floor be etched? This should be done using a muriatic acid or by use of a masonry cleaner like the sureClean 600. Today most of the kits give etching products for use but what you need to do in order to use it well is by following instructions. Epoxy floor paint should be of high quality so that it can be able make a good garage floor.

Floor coating

Floor coating is not an easy thing as some of us may think. This is something that requires one to select the best products that you feel should be used in your garage floors such as the epoxy resin, the catalyst used, pigmentation and the texturing materials. Floor coatings should be of high quality in order to make your floor look great. Find out more here.

Finishing up

This is the last thing for you to do in order to make your garage floor meet your required standards. In this stage ensure you have disposed the used materials; allow the epoxy to cure by following the manufacturer’s instructions and also by sticking  to the re-coat times.

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