How to Choose the Right Garage Floor Coating

There are garage floor paint and high-performance epoxy garage floors. In spite of what it says on the label, the paint on the garage floor will not last. It is quickly detached from the floor and delaminates from the hot tires of your car. But, if you choose the best product and application system, you can produce a high-quality floor that will keep your garage clean, bright and lasting for years.

Surface Preparation

The number one reason for coating failures is the incorrect profiling of a concrete surface. Concrete profiling is the procedure of roughing the surface to feel the 80 to 120 grit paper. This procedure is called concrete engraving. This is the most significant step of coating or painting applications. Engraving provides an increased surface area for the garage floor coatings to adhere to and considerably reduce the chance of your siding splintering or de-laminating. There are 4 options to profile your floor.

Etching the Concrete with a Gel Acid

Gel acid is one of the most effective ways to profile a concrete surface. They are easy to use, safe and give a consistent result. The gels are rolled on the floor with a paint roller, left for 15 minutes and washed. The result is equal to 100-grit sandpaper. It eliminates adhesion breakers while increasing the surface area for coating.

Etching Concrete with Liquid Acid

In general, liquid acids have been used for years to profile concrete surface. But they are much diluted and produce uneven and ineffective results. The two defects with the etching of the concrete with a liquid acid are that they are diluted, weak and are introduced into the small ventilation holes in the concrete. The application of a floor or epoxy paint will revive the acid particles producing a rapid deterioration of their coating. See more.


Professional coating applicators will use a tool entitled shot-blaster to profile the concrete surface. This is a walking behind the tool that triggers thousands of small ball bearings on the surface. The result is same to that of etching with a gelled acid. The ball bearings are simply cleaned from the surface with an influenced broom on wheels.

Grinding Floor

This is a walk behind a machine, such as a heavy lawn mower with diamond blades that grind the best layer of the concrete garage floor. The concrete dust is cleaned during grinding with a vacuum cleaner without high-power dust. This is the preferred way to prepare the surface when applying polyaspartic coatings, but it is not the top choice when applying paint or epoxy.

Choosing Your Garage Floor Coating

Contractors like the garage floor coatings available at home enhancement stores as they delaminate and splinter. They are always hired to eliminate these failed floor coatings and reapply high-performance epoxies of 70 – 100% solids. But there is an artisanal industry that has been prepared online where you can buy a high-quality floor epoxy coating, apply it yourself or have your contractor request for you.


When seeking an epoxy coating, the great option is a 100% solids floor coating that is cast on your floor has been well profiled and dry. These high-performance coatings are just two components that are generally mixed using a drill and paddle. They dry fast so when they are mixed it is essential to move quickly. Pour into a paint tray and roll over the surface. They come in various colors and may be decorated by adding colorful vinyl tops to the surface. Learn more details at:

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