How to Apply Epoxy Flooring Paint to Your Garage

A professional and durable epoxy paint can help to transform a dull garage floor into a brilliantly colored auto showroom. Here is a guide on how to apply epoxy flooring paint to your garage floor.

Materials Needed

So first off, the materials you’ll be needing are a couple of cheap tarps, a mixer, a paintbrush for getting into tight spots, some masking tape, some roller sleeves, a small roller for the sides, an XO mixer, a nineteen millimeter roller with an extension, and finally Part A and Part B of your epoxy mix. I recommend using a nineteen millimeter thick pile lint-free roller, don’t go cheap on these as you don’t want any contaminants in your paint. If you have been reading about epoxy flooring, you most probably heard about spike shoes. If you are doing your own floor, do yourself a favor and get the right shoes if you can afford them. You’ll need a squeegee to be able to disperse the epoxy equally that you’ll be pouring on the floor and lastly a good pair of gloves.


Now is a good time to put on your spikes shoes. Depending on the weather, you’ll only have a 30 to 40 minute time window to get it done so do all the necessary preparations before mixing your epoxy, you’ll thank yourself later. I guess the next step applies to any brand epoxy but you’ll need to mix both Part A and Part B separately before mixing them together. Once you are done, go ahead and add your hardener to the resin. Click here.


As of now, the clock is ticking the chemical reaction has started if left in the container the reaction happens much quicker than when it’s been poured so get it on the floor as soon as you’re done mixing. Some brands asked to leave the epoxy sweat for 30 minutes or so and with others there’s no need for this. When all the mix is down, use your squeegee to disperse your mix as equally as you can. If you have any cutting to do, make sure to follow as you go as to not go back when the floor starts to get tacky or it will leave marks. You’ll want to roll in a cross pattern from east to west and then from north to south, this will ensure you don’t miss any spots. For the wear coat, which is the second coat, you can basically apply it using the same techniques as the primer coat only thinner. Once dry, you’ll be left with a smooth strong finish for your garage floor that’ll last a very long time.

Epoxy is by far one of the most durable finishes you can give to your garage floor. The last word of advice I’d like to give out is, if you’re thinking of doing this alone you might want to think twice. The stakes are high to want to do this on your own in my opinion so if you have a buddy or your girlfriend is wanting to help out, it’ll be much easier for you. Click here for more information:

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