Epoxy floor paints: A Modern Floor Covering Solution

Commercial and industrial spaces are getting cool makeovers with epoxy floor coatings. If you are looking for the perfect durable and high performing coating, one of your best options is epoxy floor paints. In industrial areas, epoxy floors serve as a safe option with a considerable low maintenance gradient.

Preparation of epoxy floor paint

The adhesion of epoxy coatings depends on the porosity of the surface. Therefore, you can’t use surfaces made of polished concrete. The first step in preparing the paint is to cure the chosen concrete. A necessary caution: always seal cracks and de-grease surfaces before coating. If you’ve chosen old concrete, test for the presence of old epoxy layers by spilling some water on the floor. Surfaces that aren’t suitable for epoxy floor paints will not absorb the water.

Check for temperature

Epoxy floor paints are very selective of temperature. According to the manufacturer’s manual, coat the floor at a desirable temperature. That way, you avoid peeling or bubbling of the epoxy. More so, epoxy is a mixture of two liquids. Once mixed, there is limited time left before the hardening process is initiated. Click here!

Epoxy primer formulas

The product applied will determine the formula to use – maybe alongside a primer and a coat. The surface is coated with a primer and allowed to sit for hours before slathering on the epoxy floor paint. An effective way to apply the primer is to layer the floor with water and roll a thin coat of primer over it. When the primer is dry, apply another coat. The finisher is also applied like the primer, and it seals off the coating.

Advantages of epoxy floor paint

Better options compared to traditional coatings, epoxy floor coatings offer tons of benefits. The high gloss characteristic of the paint allows for better illumination in the home. Testimonials from homeowners also suggest that they are easy and durable to clean as they are resistant to water and oil stains. In industries and warehouses, the durable surface enables epoxy floor paint to withstand traffic. Maintenance costs are always low because the surface isn’t susceptible to wear and tear.

Some other benefits are:

  • Mimics seamless and long-lasting surfaces
  • Installation costs are low, and floor covering requires no adhesives, layout, or special installation tools
  • Masks off cracks when combined with colors and paints
  • When applied in different patterns, can create walkable areas and visible driveways
  • Ideal for manufacturing plants because of its chemical resistant nature
  • If it contains anti-slip adhesives, it improves safety and security
  • Depending on the product, epoxy floor paints may combine with self-leveling products that can be used with concrete


Epoxy floor coatings are the rave of the moment. The non-reactive nature is mostly the reason for its adoption in industrial and manufacturing areas. Coating professionals are only a call away if you’re considering having these floors in your home or office. You may request for bright colors that will enhance the beauty of your home even better. Search for ‘epoxy paint professionals’ on the internet to make a choice today. More details in site: https://www.wikihow.com/Put-an-Epoxy-Coating-on-a-Garage-Floor


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